You are celebrated because of your uniqueness at A.R.E. Camp.
— R.W.


Working at A.R.E. Camp is one of the most fulfilling and life changing jobs in the world. There are few places where you get to help children discover their greatness in such a beautiful, and inspiring atmosphere. Because of A.R.E. Camp's purpose, the Camp team is asked to live and embody the ideals of unconditional love for self and others, cooperation, and compassionate communication. Don't worry, if this seems like too high of a bar to meet, we'll learn these ideals together!

You can counsel campers, cook delicious food, bake homemade bread and pastries, maintain the Camp grounds, program Camp sessions, manage the office, beautify the Camp garden, or even direct the Camp.

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+ Counseling

Through embodying and practicing unconditional love, counselors inspire and change the lives of hundreds of campers. Through individual one-on-one interaction, and low camper to counselor ratios, counselors get to learn and help each camper grow. Living closely with campers, leading and sharing incredible activities, fostering campers' spiritual development, and nurturing campers' well-being are some of the important tasks of the counselor.

During kids sessions, counselors live in a cabin with approximately 4-6 campers ages 10-16. Counselors are responsible for maintaining camper group dynamics, ensuring the safety and comfort of each camper, and leading awesome activities of their own choosing!

During family camps, counselors create and implement interactive activities for children ages 0-16 in the morning and all age groups in the afternoon.

On the weekends between sessions, counselors partake in "weekend jobs" which include cleaning cabins, organizing common spaces, and maintaining the grounds. Fret not, as counselors are afforded time off during the weekends and throughout the week to refresh and rejuvenate alongside their staff friends. What to expect after a summer as an A.R.E. Camp counselor: A deep sense of fulfillment, a newfound love for nature and self, and knowledge that your presence at Camp directly impacted the lives of the campers you spent time with.

+ Cooking

At A.R.E. Camp, all of our meals are prepared and served with a generous helping of love! In this position, you will work with a core team of cooks who prepare healthy, local, and delicious foods. Don't worry, you don't have to know how to cook! Cooks are empowered by the Head Cook and the Kitchen Director, who plan the meals throughout the summer. The diet is as local as it gets, and the cooks always seem to be singing and laughing in the kitchen. One of the greatest aspects of being a cook is learning how to create amazing meals, inspired by the Edgar Cayce readings on diet and health. Meals are designed to be alkaline based, and free of all processed foods, including sugar. There are three main meals each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and different teams of cooks participate in the preparation of those meals. The cooks form a really close community, supporting each other in personal growth, and compassionate communication. Being a cook means being a part of this incredible family, that loves you unconditionally, and wants you to discover who you are. What to expect after a summer as an A.R.E. Camp cook: A vast knowledge of how to cook with local ingredients, a sense of pride and fulfillment in feeding people, and a feeling of accomplishment and joy from the communities gratitude for the wonderful nourishment you have provided.

+ Baking

The baker might be the most coveted position at Camp. They receive the honor of baking fresh, delicious bread from scratch using a 30 year old recipe. They delight in seeing the bread-filled faces of satisfied campers! Expect to bake 30 - 70 loaves of bread every other day, as well as baking special treats for Camper's birthdays.

+ Nursing

The Camp Nurse is an important position at A.R.E. Camp. As any wilderness based program can attest, injuries and sicknesses can happen in the woods. The Camp Nurse is responsible for helping Campers take their prescribed medications, supporting the health and wellness of the community, and handling emergency situations. The Nurse dwells in the "wellness cabin" where there is an extra room for healing campers or staff members, and ample medical supplies.

+ Gardening

A gardener joins our Camp staff each summer as an expert in permaculture and gardening. The gardener arrives in the spring to start the garden, and works hard to provide the kitchen with fresh greens and vegetables to feed the community. In addition to maintaining the garden, the gardener also has opportunity to lead garden and food based activities with campers, travel to the weekly farmer's market to sell bumper crop, and participate in daily all-camp activities.

+ Garden Intern

Each summer A.R.E. Camp has one position available for one volunteer garden intern. This person assists the gardener in all matters vegetable related.

+ Maintenance

To care for our amazing Camp infrastructure, a handy-dandy maintenance person also joins our Camp family. This job includes plumbing, electrical, roofing, landscaping, and everything that has to do with supporting the integrity of the structures at Camp. The maintenance person is also encouraged to lead activities with campers and participate in all-camp activities.


The camp office manager plays a vital role in keeping A.R.E. Camp running. The office manager handles light accounting, camper paperwork, and operates and keeps inventory of the camp store. This person also manages the phone calls and works with closely with the Camp Director to ensure camp affairs are in order.

+ Program Directing

The Program Director is a source of inspiration, connection, and support to the entire counseling staff. They are responsible for creating the momentum, energy, and container that is so sacred at A.R.E. Camp. One of the most intense jobs at Camp, it is hard to find time for yourself as the program director, as your job is to inspire the Camp team, notice and deal with challenging situations, ring the bells throughout the day, support and affirm the counselors, and lead Camp team meetings. Program Directors (or P.D.s as they are called at Camp), direct the entire program. One of the most important aspects of this job is living the ideals of the Camp - unconditional love, community, nature, and celebrating the uniqueness of each person at Camp. Your job is to fully live the suggestions of the Cayce readings, and help the Camp team to do this.

Program Directors should have knowledge of the Cayce readings on children, and should have a strong, mature sense of self. Experience in yoga and meditation is a huge plus, and love of nature is a must. The ideal Program Director has experience working with children, skills in compassionate communication, and experience managing group dynamics. Teachers, administrators, and counselors are encouraged to apply. If you love people, children, and are great at inspiring others to be their best self, this job is for you. Prerequisite at least one year serving on the Camp team

+ Kitchen Directing

Imagine the joy of 100 smiling faces as they shout "hoorray for the cooks!" in our brand new Dining Hall. This is a common occurrence at ARE Camp. The Kitchen Director plans all of the meals for the summer, manages the kitchen team, maintains health code in the kitchen, coordinates with our gardener, and buys and orders food from local farms and grocers. The job of the K.D. is no small undertaking; the K.D. is vital to the health and well being of the Camp. Similar to the P.D., Kitchen Directing is a very time intensive job. This position is meant for someone who is focused on being of service to a community, and pouring their heart and soul into a life changing project. The ideal candidate has knowledge of the Cayce readings on diet and health, experience in food service, and a passion for nourishing others.

+ Camp Directing

The Camp Director is perhaps the most vital role, and helps all of the different groups of the Camp team work together in harmony. They serve as the primary liason between parents and campers should any information need to be communicated. The Camp Director is also the main point of contact with the local community and the Camp Manager. Some responsibilities of the Camp Director include ensuring the safety of Camp team and campers, enforcing the policies and procedures of Camp, and facilitating all-Camp team meetings. The ideal candidate for Camp Director has a mature and confident leadership style, extensive experience managing teams of people, and a knowlege of the Edgar Cayce readings that he/she/they to gently guide A.R.E. Camp. The director has a comprehensive understanding of the tasks of each employee, and uses their loving leadership to support each Camp team member in their role.