Camp is the one place on Earth where you can truly be yourself...It is home for my heart.
— K.W.

A.R.E. Camp is a magical co-ed sleep-away camp located in a 3,000 acre mountain valley in the pristine mountains of western Virginia, where people from all walks of life come to rest, celebrate joyful community, and grow. A.R.E. Camp is a safe and fun environment where you are welcomed and loved just as you are.

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Nature Immersion

Unplug in 3,000 acres of nature. Hike White Rock Mountain, swim in the natural pond, meditate in a shady oak grove, harvest the garden. Camp is secluded in a special way that allows you to wholly experience yourself, the community and the beautiful valley that surrounds you.

Community, Family, Love

The minute you arrive at A.R.E. Camp you are welcomed as part of the valuable camp community. Campers experience a depth of sharing and connectedness that lasts far beyond their camp experience.

"A.R.E. Camp isn't just a camp, it's a community, a family. It's my community. It's my family. And I am one of the luckiest people EVER to be able to experience it. Camp is my happy place and I have no idea where I would be without it." - L.C. 


Learn a new instrument, sing songs that you immediately love, and feel deeply connected to the community through the simple act of creating music together.


Swimming, crafting, dancing, singing, hiking, soccer, treehouse, climbing, gardening, star gazing, meditating, loving.

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Practice meditation, yoga, prayer, and chanting in our meditation grove and in the garden.

"A.R.E. Camp will change you. It glows like a light inside your heart. Come to camp, see the light, let it shine in you." S.Y.


Wholesome, homemade food prepared on site daily by our amazing kitchen team. Vegetables and eggs from the onsite garden. Gluten-free and vegan options at every meal.

Edgar Cayce

A man with the dream of making the world a better place. Learn about the inspiration that created A.R.E. Camp.