“Living in the valley turns the fear of nature into a soul nourishing opportunity.” - S.L.



Syncing to the natural rhythm of mother earth:

 A.R.E. Camp is nestled in a pristine valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For one or two weeks campers experience what it is like to live close to the elements and attune themselves to the natural ebbs and flows of mother nature. The natural environment that fully surrounds and embraces campers enables them to live purely in the moment. The wondrous spectacle of the forest becomes a comforting shelter and a fantastic playground. Campers sit peacefully among the trees, skip rocks on the pond, dip their toes in the clear, cool creek, walk among the rhododendrons, or dance among the wildflowers (just to name a few).

In order to experience fully what it means to immerse oneself in nature, Camp prides itself in being a device-free campus. Cell phones, tablets, and music players are not allowed at children's sessions. During family camps we strongly encourage you to experience the mental clarity that accompanies a week unplugged. Having a device-free campus helps campers restore, refresh, and rejuvenate themselves before returning to the hustle and bustle of their plugged-in lives. A computer and land line telephone are located at the Director's cabin and made available in cases of emergencies.