Camp isn’t just a part of my life, it was the start of my life. Because of it, I came out of my shell. I connected with other people, and ultimately, myself.
— G.J.

A Day at camp

Over the last fifty years, A.R.E. Camp has experimented with what living the ideal life could be. The Camp schedule is a pivotal aspect to this experiment: If we had a day to live the ideal life, what would we do? How would we live that day?


Daily Camp Schedule: 

7:00 am - Wake up bell

7:15 am - Good morning bell! 

7:30 am - Gentle exercises and stretches in the meadow

8:00 am - Silent meditation, yoga, or silent walk 

8:15 am - Breakfast in the Dining Hall

9:00 am - Dream group

9:45 am - Morning gathering/beginning of morning activities 

11:50 am - End of activities 

12:00 pm - Healing prayer or story time

12:30 pm - Lunch in the Dining Hall

1:15 pm - Rest period 

2:15 pm - Afternoon gathering/beginning of afternoon activities 

4:15 pm - Free time! 

6:15 pm - Dinner in the Dining Hall

7:00 pm - Evening sport and little kids games (family camp)

8:00 pm - Evening all Camp activity 

9:15 pm - Closing, goodnight :)

10:15 pm - Lights out/quiet time