Our Philosophy

Have you ever felt totally loved and accepted just the way that you are? 

This is A.R.E. Camp's core philosophy: unconditional love. 

This philosophy creates an incredible healing environment. In the last fifty years, we have found that when we simply love and accept each other, we support an atmosphere of healing and wholeness. As we heal, we realize that we can express ourselves through our innate gifts - music, art, dance, nature, writing, acting, and so much more. 

Thousands of people have tried to define, "What is A.R.E. Camp?" The magic is defined by the focus of the staff and campers each summer. What is always true, in every session, is a deep sense of unconditional love and respect that is experienced by all. 

So why is A.R.E. Camp so hard to define? The answer lives in the inspirational readings given by a man named Edgar Cayce. 

Edgar Cayce encouraged people to live from one's own higher self, one's own intuitive direction. The Camp is inspired by the Cayce family, the Cayce readings, and the suggestions for living a fulfilling life.

A common experience felt by campers and staff members is a sense of being accepted as they are, and fully supported in becoming who they want to be. This experience manifests through joyful service, from cleaning up after a meal, to supporting a friend in need, to building a camp fire with a counselor, or picking blackberries in the forest. 

And hence - it's all about love. 

It all started when...

A man named Hugh Lynn Cayce decided that children needed a place to discover themselves, without the dogma of the religious and cultural world. In 1959, he and several friends ventured out into the wilderness of Appalachia, to see about starting a summer camp. From 1960, to 1970, several highly committed individuals built the camp. Since then, A.R.E. Camp has flourished, providing life changing experiences for campers of all ages.