I cherish memories of the 5 summers I brought my young son, and he was transformed by not only the fun, but also the absence of sugar and preservatives in the food.
— L.S.

A.R.E. Camp provides a unique setting where families can play games, sing, hike, and enjoy a campfire together - they can pray and meditate together too.

During the mornings, children are grouped by age to attend counselor-led activities while grown-ups meet with the resource person to discuss a relevant and interesting topic related to material from the Edgar Cayce readings.

All other activities are designed for the whole family to attend together. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles - all are welcome at Family Camp!

Enjoying the wilderness with your family is an incredible experience. At family camp, we create a harmonious community in just five short days. 

The Camp team provides a balanced program for all ages to enjoy: for adults, a popular resource person will lead workshops on the topic for the week; for children, a wide variety of counselor-led activities gives kids a taste of what Kids’s Camp is like. Most importantly, the session is about families spending time together.

Family Camp one: June 30 - JULY, 2019


Body of Knowledge: Exploring our Senses as Sacred Tools

with Rev. Kate Adamson

This experiential workshop is an opportunity to explore and develop your relationship with your physical, sensory self. We will play with listening and responding to messages from our bodies about our physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of life, and take a deep personal look at what resistance we may have to being present in our bodies. This workshop is perfect for those who have difficulty getting out of their head and into their body, as well as for those who delight in physical experience.

Rev. Kate Adamson is an actress, dancer, and interfaith minister living in Charlottesville, VA.  Her ministry centers on the transformative power of ritual, deep awareness, and collective experience. She serves as a chaplain for birth and death, and everything in-between.  She has studied and practiced Embodied Spirituality for over 15 years.


Family CAmp two: July 28 - AUGUST 3, 2018

Judith Stevens and Jack Callan

Judith Stevens and Jack Callan

Elements of Meditation

with Judith Stevens, Susan Alexander, and Jack Callan

This week at Family Camp, participants will explore a range of meditation techniques to discover forms that resonate with the unique preferences of each individual.  Campers will join Judith, Susan, and Jack as they experience ways to begin or enhance their personal meditation practice including the use of movement, art, sound, and visual techniques.  The peaceful and idyllic mountain setting will create the perfect environment for exploration of meditation, beginning with Cayce’s recommendations and expanding into many other practices stemming in origin from around the world.

Judith has been a student of the Cayce readings for 45 years, focusing on practical applications of the principles found in this life-giving material. A poet and yoga instructor, she founded the A.R.E. Prison Program and currently serves as A.R.E.’s National Outreach Manager.

Jack Callan is an artist, poet and carpenter.  A Buddhist Quaker, his art, poetry and design work reflect an integrity and simplicity of style he has made central to his life.

Susan Collins

Susan Collins

Susan has a deep love for the earth and the natural world. She has attended A.R.E. camp since childhood as a Camper and Staff member. She is a Spiritual Guidance Mentor with Atlantic University, Environmental Educator at the University Of Michigan, budding herbalist, energetic space clearer, and a leader/facilitator of groups and workshops on dreams, meditation, spiritual study, and performs water healing ceremonies.


PARENTS: Family Camp can provide a positive experience for a young or first-time camper. If your child is not yet comfortable with attending a Kid's Camp (ages 10-17), or even our new, shorter Cayce Young Kids Camp (ages 7-12) session, he or she might truly enjoy coming for Family Camp.