Making the decision to go the first year when I was eleven was one of the best decisions of my life.
— W.G.

Kid’s sessions are an absolute blast! Kids get to live in beautiful wilderness with experienced counselors, where they are totally immersed in nature. 

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Activities include dancing, singing, day long hikes, overnights on top of the mountains, sports, swimming at our creek fed pond, dream discussion, meditation, yoga, story telling, pottery, and painting. 

Counselors with expertise in each activity are present at A.R.E. Camp. With the counselor to camper ratio being low, campers receive the care and love that they need to flourish. 


Throughout the summer, we host several different sessions, ranging from 7 to 17 years old. These programs are specially designed to give children an opportunity to laugh, sing, and play together; to explore talents, interests, and abilities; to challenge self-imposed limitations, and expand self-awareness; and to develop a closer relationship with God through nature.

One of the unique aspects of A.R.E. Camp is a sensitivity to children and teen’s spiritual lives. Through dream exploration, prayer, meditation, and just being quiet together, children are supported and nurtured in their spiritual journey.

Camp team members are encouraged to see that their own thoughts and actions are well grounded in a spiritual truth and that they teach primarily through example and the role model they present. Counselors are encouraged to view children as mature souls and to use love, reason, prayer, and emphasis on the positive as the backbone of their approach. The powerful effects of living simply and close to nature’s beauty are vehicles to aid the staff in their goal of awakening the campers to their deeper selves and to the reality of a loving way to live.



Additional Wilderness Hike Option

Participants attending Kid's Camp who are ages 12 and up, have the opportunity to participate in a week-long backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail and surrounding Blue Ridge mountains. This spectacular adventure takes place the week after Children's Camp - for more info, see: Teen Appalachian Trail Hike