Who is Edgar Cayce? 

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was a gentle humanist who became the most documented psychic of all time. As a young man, Cayce discovered that he was able to enter into a self-induced sleep state and place his mind in contact with an unlimited Universal Source of information. While sleeping, he could answer questions and give discourses on any subject or topic, speaking with authority and using the correct medical terminology. Though he had only an eighth-grade education, the accuracy of his diagnoses and the effectiveness of the treatments he prescribed for the body, mind, and soul made him a medical phenomenon--the "Father of Holistic Medicine."

Eventually the scope of these impressive discourses, called Readings, expanded to include information and advice on a wide range of subjects including metaphysics, parapsychology, religion, meditation, dreams, reincarnation, psychic development, and prophecy of personal and world events.

Today Cayce is widely known through three major biographies:  Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet by Sidney Kirkpatrick,  There Is a River by Thomas Sugrue and Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn—and through scores of books about his work. Throughout his life he was guided by a deep and selfless sense of purpose to use his innate ability for the benefit of others.

    "...in the doing for others there comes the answer to the problems for self, in every direction." –Cayce Reading 2174-3)